Every athlete deserves a safe playing field.

Sports Field Evaluations and Consulting - from New Construction to Renovation and Maintenance

Sports Field Solutions designs and constructs sports fields. They conduct an extensive evaluation of your site or your athletic field and offer recommendations customized to your specific needs.

Sports Field Solutions can then serve as supervisor or construction manager for schools and municipalities or as a general contractor for private organizations. In these capacities, Sports Field Solutions can ensure the construction and/or renovation of your field meets expectations.

Recent National Consulting Projects

City of Phoenix – Parks Department
City of Detroit – Soccer Field Construction Project
City of West Palm Beach – Ballfield Renovation
Clark County, Las Vegas, NV – Desert Diamonds Baseball Complex


As a nationally certified sports field manager, Scott Bills CSFM is aptly knowledgeable and experienced to give talks on any and all topics related to sports fields. Sports Field Solutions’ audiences include grounds staff, facility managers, public works and parks directors, coaches, athletic directors and private sports organization volunteers.

Expert Witness Testimony

Scott BIlls, CSFM, has the background and experience to evaluate sports fields, athletic complexes and premises to prepare a detailed report, and serve as an expert witness on behalf of a plantiff or defendant in cases related to injuries occurring on a sports field.
Photo of soccer player kicking a ball. Sports Field Solutions evaluates fields like these for safety and playability.

Call Scott Bills, CSFM, for product recommendations based on his years of experience working on outdoor and indoor sports playing fields.

Scott Bills, CSFM, is often called upon to provide expert opinion in lawsuits relating to injuries athletes incurred as a result of dangerous field conditions.

If you are in anyway involved with the construction and maintenance of an athletic field, whether as administrator, facility manager, athletic director or coach, you could be subject to such a lawsuit and can be found liable if it is proven you had knowledge of the danger and violated the accepted standard of care. What is that standard of care? Read Scott’s article, “Is Your Facility Safe?” to find out.




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An investment in your athletic field will benefit generations of athletes.



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– Scott Bills