Sports field injuries can end an athlete’s career or severely affect an athlete’s future development.  

Scott Bills, CSFM

Scott Bills, CSFM

Expert Witness for Sports Field Injuries & Certified Sports Field Manager

Sports field injuries can prove costly for both athletes and field owners. Scott Bills uses his experience and professional expertise as a Certified Sports Field Manager to provide expert opinion in cases involving sports field-related injuries. Scott Bills is available to provide

professional and expert investigation, site evaluation, and safety assessments for plaintiff and defendant cases.

Scott’s experience spans 35 years; he has worked with natural and synthetic athletic fields, park and recreation complexes, golf courses, premises, landscapes and arboriculture. This experience provides Scott with invaluable insight as to what, if any, role field conditions may have played in an athlete’s sports-related injury. The scope of Scott’s expertise ranges from field evaluation to preparation of written reports and opinions for plaintiff and defendant sports injury cases. Scott has opined on cases related to:

  • head injuries,
  • broken bones,
  • dislocations, tears and sprains (knees, shoulders, ankles, wrists),
  • rotator cuff injuries,
  • growth plate injuries,
  • MRSA infection, and
  • permanent eye damage.

Expert Testimony

Serious injuries severely affect not only the athlete but the team. Such injuries could end an athlete’s career and, when field conditions are at fault, the incident can have significant financial ramifications for the entity that owns the field. With so much at stake, these injuries often lead to battles in the courtroom. Bring experience and expertise into the courtroom on behalf of your sports field-related injury case.

*Let Sports Field Solutions perform a safety assessment of your facility before someone becomes injured.

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Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

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