Sports Field Construction

Sports field construction is more involved than simply “build it and they will come.” Improper field construction and maintenance can lead to many problems – poor drainage, field washouts, unhealthy turf – all of which, in turn, lead to unsafe playing conditions and added expenses associated with unnecessary repairs and lost revenue. Sports Field Solutions, LLC has the experience and knowledge to properly evaluate your sports field the first time. Sports Field Solutions provides the following services:

  • Site inspection and evaluation of both new and established fields.
  • Field survey and feature layout.
  • Design and engineering.
  • Preparation of material specifications, scope of work and realistic budgets required to successfully construct, renovate or maintain athletic fields.
  • Project management and onsite construction management.
  • Grounds staff training to ensure proper ongoing field maintenance.


Built to Regulation

Different sports have different field design parameters and regulation specifications. Sports Field Solutions has the experience and knowledge to construct your sports fields for:

  • baseball
  • softball
  • football
  • soccer
  • field hockey
  • lacrosse

Before and After of a Pop Warner Football Field