Evaluation of Sports Field Sites


– Construction of new sports fields

– Assessment of existing sport fields
   and recreation facilities

Professional sports field evaluations lead to more efficient and effective solutions.

“Sports Field Solutions, LLC has been great to work with while renovating six fields. We met at a Rutgers seminar, and they took the time to meet me at the fields and explain what was needed at each field and why. I will use them again for any field improvements in the future.”

M. MacStudy

President, Oceanport Baseball Association

It is Albert Einstein who is credited with defining insanity as “doing the same thing, over and over, but expecting different results.” Unfortunately, that’s the approach sometimes used to cure infield problems on some ballfields.

When Scott Bills, CSFM, gets a call regarding an infield issue, one of the first things he does is measure the mix. Too often the solution to infield problems, whether they are issues with grading, ponding, or drying out, is to add more material to the mix. Not only doesn’t this fix the problem, but it can significantly add to the upkeep costs of your field. To learn how, read Scott’s article “Stop the insanity – Examining the components of a proper infield mix instead of adding more.”

Sports Field Evaluation of baseball field at Rowan

Pre-Construction Sports Field Evaluations

Construction of a new sports field involves a number of considerations – field location, league regulations, budgetary limitations, to name a few. Sports Field Solutions performs site evaluations and inspections with all these factors in mind. Our sports field evaluation services include:

  • inspection of proposed site;
  • preparation of material specifications for natural and synthetic fields;
  • preparation of scope of work and project specifications;
  • assistance with budget preparations; and
  • evaluation of bid proposals and contractor quotes.
Photo of Scott Bills, CSFM, guarding home plate.

Existing Sports Field Evaluations

As a baseball player Scott Bills, CSFM, knows through personal experience the impact field conditions can have on an athlete’s safety and, very possibly, his or her future.

Over time any number of factors can impair the playability, safety and appearance of your sports field. These include, but are not limited to:

  • overuse;
  • inferior materials;
  • improper maintenance; and
  • wind and water erosion.

Our sports field evaluations ensure your field is in peak performance condition for playability, safety and appearance.

Sports Field Evaluations

Thinking of constructing a new sports field or looking for solutions to problems plaguing your existing field? Sports Field Solutions helps you properly plan and budget your project.

We have performed more than 150 sports field evaluations for municipalities, schools and other athletic associations. After evaluating your needs and offering recommendations for optimal results, we work with the best field contractors and use only quality materials to make sure your field meets the highest standards for safety, playability and appearance.